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Dr Arman Nyilas
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CEME, Cryogenic Engineering & Materials Expertise
Mechanical & Physical data, Displacement Instrumentation
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CEME, Cryogenic Engineering & Materials Expertise
Mechanical & Thermal Displacement Instrumentation
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     The Company was founded in August 2006 after the retirement of the present CEO of the CEME Company. The CEO has obtained his expertise for around 27 years in cryogenic materials testing and development of test devices at the former Nuclear Research Institution (kfK), later FzK, and today KIT. International collaboration tasks such as ITER, W-7X, VAMAS, and IEC shaped the knowledge of the company owner regarding the complex requirements in cryogenic technology.

       At present the major involvement of the company is in the design, development, and manufacturing of cryogenic proof transducers tailored for the specific materials testing task. In addition, read-out electronics necessary for the signal conditioning is also one key area of the CEME Company. Several Types of low noise signal conditioner devices are produced and are already at work in different countries worldwide at various governmental and industrial laboratories dealing with cryogenic materials testing.

       The transducers as sensing devices for displacement can be used reliable between ambient temperature and 3 K  with a maximum resolution around +/- 20 nm. Furthermore, the design of special load cells based on the same technology is also state-of-the-art.    

        To date the Nyilas Type extensometers are widely used successfully worldwide in leading cryogenic materials testing laboratories. The CEO has hands-on-expertise on this subject and has an international well known reputation.

The Company has at past successfully consulted leading cryogenic laboratories around the world. In addition, the Company is also involved in industrial research & development: e.g. for a textile company’s R & D, granted by University of Istanbul in Turkey. Here ultra small size strain gauges are processed onto needles to acquire the strain properties during the operation of a textile machine.          

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korea extensometer

Dual extensometer, Mass ~ 1.5 g

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